Hero Changes I’d Like to See

Hey guys! Welcome back to Wooly Plays. Tonight I’d like to share what I’d like to see for the heroes that are already in Overwatch–specifically my five most-played characters!


Overwatch 02.11.2017 -
Current Quick Play Hours: 394

Mercy is my most-played hero and I love her to pieces, but frankly she’s one of the weaker supports. Her base kit is easy to learn but difficult to master, and her Ultimate—Resurrection—is one of the only reasons that she’s still even a viable choice. The newest change to her (which you can see here) are going to be extremely helpful to Mercy players, and I recently watched a video from Your Overwatch detailing some interesting ideas that they have for Mercy (Healing and damage boost being one beam? Sign me up.), but I’d still like to see her get some kind of E ability that a) gives a temporary boost, b) gets rid of some kind of debuff, or c) does some kind of damage. I think that if she had another ability, Mercy would be more in the meta than she is now. As she is, her kit simply doesn’t have enough mechanics to be able to keep up with Lucio, Ana, or even Zenyatta.


Overwatch 02.11.2017 -
Current Quick Play Hours: 138

D.Va was my main before I fell in love with Mercy, and right now I feel like she’s in a pretty decent spot what with the defense matrix being on right click and her Ultimate ability not killing her anymore (seriously, that was so annoying). One thing that I would like to see changed about D.Va is her mech’s health pool—again. I don’t mind that they upped the health and lowered the armor, but I feel like 400 health and 200 armor makes her mech a little too squishy for what I feel like I should be able to do. I think that a solid 300 health and 300 armor would be a great fit for D.Va so that she isn’t completely decimating or easily decimated.


Overwatch 02.04.2017 -
Current Quick Play Hours: 77

If I needed to heal before I played Mercy, I used Lúcio. He’s still a great character pick, especially because he has both speed and heal and can choose to boost them, plus his ultimate gives the team temporary hit points, but I often feel like the nerfs to Lúcio’s healing have made him extremely difficult to solo heal with. If this is what the Overwatch team was going for when they nerfed him then they more than succeeded; however, I feel like Lucio could use an teensy boost to his healing or maybe to the healing/speed boost just to make him a little better as a solo healer. Also, side note: booping with Lúcio is amazing.


Overwatch 02.11.2017 -
Current Quick Play Hours: 63

Tracer is in a great spot, honestly. She’s a glass cannon and I love her for it!


Current Quick Play Hours: 58

Widowmaker is in a pretty decent spot as of right now, and I’m glad (so, so glad) they’re increasing her hook’s sensitivity, but what I really think she needs is a decreased cooldown to use her hook. As of right now it’s 12 seconds, and I think a shorter cooldown would give her a better way to escape and make using her hook feel slightly less like being trapped. Yes, I’m looking at you, random platform on King’s Row.

Overwatch 02.12.2017 -
Why would you trap me like this? 😦

That’s it for this week, guys! As usual, tell me your thoughts in the comments section below. Let me know who your favorite characters are and what changes you’d like to see, or if you’d like to see this kind of content again!

~ Wooly


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