So, Who Will the Next Overwatch Hero Be?

Hey guys! Sorry about the short hiatus; with Valentine’s Day came my boyfriend’s week-long stay here, so I haven’t really been around much.

Let’s dig right into the good stuff and talk about some possible new heroes!

Efi Oladele

Look how cute!

By now, almost everyone who follows any sort of Overwatch social media group has heard about the newest addition to the Overwatch blog—an interview with a girl genius, Efi Oladele. A lot of people were, I think, surprised by this post, since it wasn’t anything about Doomfist (sorry, Terry Crews); however, I don’t necessarily think we should leave Doomfist out of the lineup just yet.

I decided to talk about Efi first because she’s the most solid evidence fans have, while other evidence is a little shaky at this point. Now, I’m certain that she herself will NOT be the new hero, because there’s no way on earth Blizzard would have child murder in their rated T game. That’s just not happening. What I do think she will be is the creator (and potentially controller) of a new hero.

In the interview, Efi says that she “became obsessed with putting together little drones. When [she] started to get good at it, [she] tried to build robots.” This could be a huge hint that the next hero will be either an AI or a drone/controlled unit, and many fans have one in mind:

I keep thinking Tracer is trapped in a weird, head-shaped bubble.

The above picture was used as a background during Blizzcon as well as a presentation that took place yesterday, which has led a lot of fans to believe that the spider in it might be the next playable hero. It is possible that this spider could be Efi’s creation; however, if you look very, very closely, you can see that there’s a person in it. A person that looks vaguely similar to another spider we all know.

Overwatch 02.23.2017 -
“I heard you talking merde.”

If the spider is Efi’s, then it would need a pilot—and the pilot pictures is definitely not Efi. So, who is it? I’m honestly not sure; however, another hint from Efi’s interview has given me an idea.




Alright, so this might be a bit of a stretch, but at the end of Efi’s interview she states that she’s going on a trip with her parents to celebrate her accomplishment. What if—now hear me out—she’s going to team up with Winston to give Athena a body? Maybe something like one that came out before the original roster was locked in?

athena overwatch omnic
Note the dark blue triangles that look very similar to the one above!

If Efi Oladele is as talented as I think she is, she and Winston could definitely do it. I think adding Athena as a playable character would be really interesting; she would make a great support or defense character, potentially, and would add a lot of really cool dialogue into the game.


Overwatch 02.09.2017 -
Don’t try it, Tracer.

Doomfist is still a viable option for the next hero, even if Blizzard isn’t saying they will be. But who will Doomfist be? They could be a person, or tt’s possible that Efi could make an AI or drone that is capable of using the power of the Doomfist Gauntlet, so keep that in the back of your mind!


Overwatch 02.23.2017 -


There really isn’t any evidence for this hero other than Alex Malaos, a Greek voice actor who had updated his CV to say that he voiced ‘Greek’ in Overwatch. Since then, however, Malaos has taken that down and has released a statement saying that the voice lines he was saying were in Greek, but not necessarily for a Greek hero.

Sure, Alex. Sure.

That’s all, folks!

I’m not sure how much we’ll have to look forward to with this one, but I’m excited to see what Blizzard and the Overwatch team do with all of the options at their disposal!

As always, feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think or if you have any other awesome hero ideas! I’d love to hear them!

~ Wooly


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