Numbani International attacked, Doomfist Gauntlet gone???



Overwatch 02.24.2017 -


I woke up this morning to this twitter post, which states that Numbani International Airport was attacked. Fortunately there were no casualties, but there is now something missing from the PTR payload…

Who attacked the airport? Who took the Gauntlet? Was it Talon or a different threat? Or both? I’m so excited to see what the Overwatch team does with this!

Will there be an animated short??


Overwatch 02.24.2017 -
Here he comes–Terry Crews playing Doomfist, “The Shit.”

Patch day this Tuesday will be exciting! I’m hoping there will be a reveal sooner rather than later, but my hype levels are already through the roof. I’m waiting with bated breath to see what the team has to offer!

As always, please comment below to share your thoughts and/or unleash your excitement! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

~ Wooly


2 thoughts on “Numbani International attacked, Doomfist Gauntlet gone???

    1. Hey Jimmy! Thanks so much for commenting! I definitely understand where you’re coming from; I want new heroes to be released just like everyone else; however, I think that the Overwatch team does a great job of releasing content. In just over a year since the game’s release we’ve received three new heroes, about fifteen new maps (if you include the Capture the Flag reworks of each King of the Hill map), and several new game modes as well as six events overall. I think that the team is working hard to bring Overwatch players new content, and I am personally very pleased with the rate at which new content has been released. I’m hoping that a new hero (hopefully Doomfist!!) will be released soon, though!


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