Patch 1.8.0 is out today!

Patch Day is here, everyone, and it’s beautiful.

All of the changes that I mentioned in my previous blog posts are out on live, which means…

New Hero Gallery User Interface

Overwatch 02.23.2017 -
Now, where is the new hero?

This isn’t a huge change, but I think it looks pretty snazzy!

New Gameplay Mode

Overwatch 02.28.2017 -
The Overwatch team heard we wanted more draws, and they’ve delivered.

Capture the Flag is officially here! The Capture the Flag maps are variations of each King of the Hill map, meaning that there are nine “new” maps; personally I would have liked to be able to play on new maps for Capture the Flag, but I’m sure the Overwatch team will come out with more at some point.

New Server Browser

Overwatch 02.28.2017 -
Where your dreams–and nightmares–can come true.

The new Server Browser feature is here! You can make custom games of almost anything you can think of, from hide-and-seek to big “boss battles” to ridiculous game modes that call only for Mei’s left click, Ana’s grenade, and McCree’s stun. It’s real, I played it, and it was as crazy as it sounds.

New Character Changes

I could not be more excited for the new character changes, honestly. You can read about them in the post linked above, so I’ll glaze over them in this post. I have tested a few of the character changes, and one thing I can definitely say is that the new Mercy Ult change is going to make a lot of things better for my favorite support hero.

Overwatch 02.28.2017 -
I will let my entire team die, res them, and kill you all.

New Map Changes

Overwatch 02.28.2017 -
Some of the A.I. don’t seem to know how the new doorway works. Hopefully players will fare better.

Eichenwalde’s final point entrance has been changed for Attack players! Now, once the castle doors are open, they stay open; the change made rubble fall rather than having a new door come down. This should make it easier for the attacking team to get in and out of the castle rather than being forced into only two choke points that are easily defensible.

That’s it for now!

Unfortunately there were no new heroes introduced in this patch, but I have hope that one will be coming soon, especially from an Overwatch twitter update posted yesterday!

As usual, let me know what you think in the comment section below! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

~ Wooly

P.S. – The legendary vote image was from today! Special thanks to Myselfsama for capturing the special moment. :’) Miracles do happen, Mercy mains. Miracles do happen.


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