Hero of the Week: Lúcio

Hello, and welcome back to Hero of the Week! This week’s hero is…

Lúcio Correia dos Santos

Overwatch 03.22.2017 -
“Come on, let’s bring it together!”


Age: 26

Nationality: Brazilian

Occupation: DJ / Freedom Fighter

Base: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Affiliation: None

Lúcio grew up a poor and crowded favela in Rio de Janeiro, which was hit hard by the financial upheaval of the Omnic Crisis. He wanted to find a way to uplift the spirits of those around him and ended up finding his answer in music. He played on street corners, block parties, and underground shows until the Vishkar Corporation came to Rio.

The Vishkar Corporation imposed curfews, began to snuff out behavior that the company felt was “lawless,” and started exploiting the populace as a cheap labor force. Lúcio wouldn’t stand for it. He stole Vishkar technology and transformed it to help in a popular uprising that drove the Vishkar Corporation out of Rio de Janeiro. Lúcio’s career skyrocketed after the uprising as he became an icon for positive social change.


Overwatch 03.22.2017 -
“Look at this team! We’re gonna do great!”


** Lúcio is getting quite a few changes in the Public Test Region right now, so the changes for those are listed below the current information! **

Role: Support

HP: 200

Sonic Amplifier (Current)

Lucio M1

  • Damage: 16 per projectile
  • Projectiles/Rounds per Shot: 4
  • Projectile Speed: 40 meters per second
  • Rate of Fire: 1 burst (4 projectiles) per second

Sonic Amplifier (PTR)

  • Projectile Speed: 50 meters per second

Soundwave / Boop (Current)

Lucio M2

  • Damage: 25
  • Maximum Range: 8 meters
  • Ammo Usage: 4 rounds
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds

Soundwave / Boop (PTR)

  • Soundwave now considers vertical orientation when knocking targets back.

Crossfade (Current)

Lucio LShift

  • Healing: 12.5 HP per second
  • Movement Speed: +30%
  • Area of Effect: 30 meter radius

Crossfade (PTR)

  • Area of Effect: 10 meters
  • Healing: 18.8 HP per second-ish (“increased by 50%”)

Amp It Up (Current)

Lucio Amp It Up

  • Healing: 36 HP per second
  • Movement Speed: +70%
  • Area of Effect: 30 meter radius
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

Amp It Up (PTR)

  • Healing: 54 HP per second-ish (“increased by 50% [also applies to Lúcio’s Amp It Up ability])

Sound Barrier (Current)

Lucio Ulti

  • Health: +500 Barrier
  • Area of Effect: 30 meter radius
  • Duration: 6 seconds

Sound Barrier (PTR)

  • Area of Effect: 20 meter radius

Wall-Ride (Current)

Lucio Wall Riding

  • Lúcio’s awesome ability to skate on walls!

Wall-Ride (PTR)

  • Movement Speed: +30% when wall riding
  • Lúcio now receives a burst of stackable speed when leaping off a wall

What’s Wooly’s Opinion?

Overwatch 03.22.2017 -
“Oh, let’s break it down!”

My Current Playtime with Lúcio: 80 hours

I used to play Lúcio a lot more before I started playing Mercy, and I still love him! Lúcio is as sweet as can be and only wants the best for the people around him. I often play Lúcio on King of the Hill maps that have a lot of booping potential, although I’ve been trying to get more comfortable playing Mercy on them (I only played Mercy on payload/control point maps for a very, very long time). Lúcio is in a fairly good place, but I think with the new PTR changes he will become an incredible hero for those who want to support but still be in the middle of the fight.

Tips and Tricks

Overwatch 03.22.2017 -

Using Lúcio

Use Speed Boost and Wall Ride

Lúcio’s Speed Boost is one of the best things in his kit, and my friends often argue that it’s the best ability in the game. Sorry guys, the res still wins out for me, but I see where you’re coming from now that I’ve really taken the time to watch Lúcio masters like DSPStanky, who recently put out a new video testing the new Lúcio changes in the PTR. It used to be easy for Lúcio players (myself included) to sit in the back and Amp It Up from time to time, but with the new changes coming out, that won’t really be possible anymore. Now’s the time to start honing your Wall Ride and Speed Boost skills, because if you can master that, you will probably be insanely hard to kill.

The Boop Is Your Friend

Seriously, USE THE BOOP! Lúcio’s Soundwave is awesome for saving you or an ally from harm. Try to boop the Reinhardt away from an ally before he can pin them! Attempt to boop the Symmetra off of your Mercy who’s dying! (This happened to me the other day. Thank you, FlaminYawn!)

You can also boop enemy players off of ledges, which is awesome, and you’re more likely to get Play of the Game if you get multiple environment kills at once. Seriously, it happens often. Go for the big boops or go home!

Fighting Lúcio

Stun Abilities Are Good Abilities

Lúcio can be very evasive, so anything that can stun a Lúcio is good. Moves like McCree’s Flashbang stop him from moving for at least a moment so you can try to land a shot. Crowd control moves and zoning moves can also be extremely useful for this purpose!

Melee Will Help You!

If you can get up close and personal with a Lúcio but you just can’t hit the shots, try to use melee! The hit box size of melees in Overwatch is fairly large, and I show how this can be used to your advantage in my first Battle Mercy video!

Lúcio out!

Please let me know if you liked this post and want to see more. Comment and give some more tips and tricks either for using Lúcio or defeating him if you have them! I’d love to hear what you have to add!

~ Wooly


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