Overwatch Uprising: A Look at Lore

Hey guys! I’m back again with several hours put into the new Overwatch event, Uprising, and I am absolutely in love!

So what’s it all about?

Uprising is set seven years before the game’s setting, and focuses on Lena Oxton’s first mission for Overwatch. This mission is to quell the uprising (hehe) of an omnic terrorist group, called the Null Sector, in King’s Row. The Overwatch team released a comic about the event, which you can read here.

Overwatch Uprising Comic

Commander Morrison wasn’t going to send anyone to London, as the Prime Minister didn’t want Overwatch involved; however, Lena’s speech to Commander Morrison changed his mind. Even though her chronal accelerator, her abilities, and her health were still being tested and monitored by Winston and Dr. Ziegler, Commander Morrison decided to send Cadet Oxton and three senior Overwatch members (Combat Medic Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, Lieutenant Reinhardt Wilhelm, and Chief Engineer Torbjörn Lindholm) on a ground mission into King’s Row to stop Null Sector from destroying any chance at peace between humans and omnics.

Overwatch Uprising Comic 2

What about the gameplay?

Uprising is a PvE arcade mode that has four main parts, in my opinion: three king-of-the-hill points, point defense, payload, and a big free-for-all brawl. The enemies are wave-based, just like in Overwatch’s Halloween event, Junkenstein’s Revenge, with more difficult enemies showing up at every turn. There are four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Legendary.

I’m sure many players have put their experiences with Uprising onto the internet, but as a Mercy main I enjoyed watching Animetic‘s most recent video!

I haven’t beaten it on Legendary yet, but I’m working on it!


I can’t claim that these tips will always work for you, but they’ve definitely helped me out!

Team: Stick together and revive your teammates!

It’s tough for your Mercy to heal you or for Torbjörn to give you armor if you’re in the middle of 20 enemies on the other side of the map! Make sure you stick together to get maximum work done. You can also revive a fallen teammate by holding R near them, but make sure you are in cover before you do so! Otherwise you could both be in serious trouble.

Reinhardt: Charge away the Detonators, try to ult or charge Bastions, and shield the payload!

Overwatch 04.13.2017 -

I’ve played several games in which our payload got severely damaged by either Detonators or Slicers. If you’re playing Reinhardt, make your priorities the big things, but make sure to shield the payload from the Slicers! They’ll take a ton of health away from the payload, which is detrimental if you’re trying to get the achievement for delivering the payload with at least 80% health on Hard mode. I ended up getting my team the achievement while playing Reinhardt (crazy, I know) by shielding from the Slicers so that the rest of my team could take care of them.

Tip: You can let the Detonators get relatively close before you charge them, but be careful not to miss your charge!

Torbjörn: Make sure your turret stays functional and remember to give out armor!

Overwatch 04.13.2017 -

There were so many games I played that were much harder than they had to be because we had a Torbjörn that was constantly forgetting about his turret. Keep it up! It’ll help with the enemies and distract them from the team! When I played Torbjörn, I made sure to use my molten core when there were a lot of enemies coming at us, and always collected as much scrap as I could.

Tip: Torbjörn does a ton of damage; don’t just sit on the turret! Use his gun!

Mercy: Make sure the party stays healed!

Overwatch 04.13.2017 -

Make sure you’re healing, because the team’s probably going to take a lot of damage! Mercy’s pistol is always useful, but I think it’s better to keep your teammates alive. I was let down by a couple of Mercy players who decided that shooting was better than saving their teammate, and because of that the rest of the team had to waste time reviving me. Save resses for two or more players, since you (or any teammate) can revive fallen teammates by holding R rather than using a res for one teammate and then needing it for all three! Just be careful running into enemy fire to res; the harder the difficulty, the harder the robots hit and the more of them there are! I also like to damage boost Tracers who were going after the Eradicators and pull out my pistol to take out troops if my team isn’t in immediate danger.

Tip: If everyone’s dead or seriously close to dying and you don’t have res, pull out the gun! You can get more ult charge for shooting than healing if you can hit the shots. Just be careful!

Tracer: De-shield the Eradicators and soften enemies!

Overwatch 04.13.2017 -

Use Tracer to soften up enemies and to go after the Eradicators–the larger omnic forces with shields. Once she does enough damage, the shields come down and the entire team can go after them with no remorse. But be careful! Tracer has low health and can easily be taken out in higher difficulty games; if you need health make sure to go back to your Mercy. Other than taking out special troops, try to stay behind the Reinhardt’s shield to avoid taking a lot of damage, and make sure to try and take out the Bastion units with pulse bombs.

Tip: Tracer’s blink actually confuses and has a sort of stun effect on the omnic troops; use this to your advantage against Bastion and Eradicator units!

What does Wooly think?

I absolutely loved Junkenstein’s Revenge, and I love reading about Overwatch’s lore and story, so this is awesome for me! I think that this game has a lot to offer to fans who truly value story and getting to see even a piece of that makes me want more!

I wish that they would keep this mode in-game even after the event ends, just so that players who enjoy the lore can keep playing it. I also read an article earlier about the Uprising event staying as a tutorial for new players, and I really liked that idea as well, since this event does have most of the game modes involved, as well as four different types of characters to use! You can find that here.

I really, really hope that the Overwatch team keeps putting out content like this, because I and many other players absolutely love it. Let me know if you love it in the comments below!

~ Wooly



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