Hero of the Week: Ana

Hey guys! Welcome back to Wooly Plays for another installment of Hero of the Week! I know it was supposed to be out yesterday. Unfortunately I’ve been very busy this weekend with Easter and my brother’s birthday. Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!

This week’s hero is…

Ana Amari

Overwatch 03.22.2017 -
“Never stop fighting for what you believe in.”

Age: 60

Nationality: Egyptian

Occupation: Overwatch’s Second-in-Command (formerly), Bounty Hunter

Base: Cairo, Egypt

Relations: Fareeha Amari (daughter)

Affiliation: Egyptian Security Forces (formerly), Overwatch (formerly)

Aliases: Horus, Shrike

During the Omnic Crisis, Ana Amari was widely considered the best sniper in the world. Her skill set made her an obvious choice to join the Overwatch strike team as one of its founding members. Following the end of the war and the success of Overwatch’s mission, Ana served as Jack Morrison’s Second-in-Command. She raised her daughter Fareeha in the Overwatch environment but was against her daughter’s wish to join the organization herself, which led to a strained relationship as Fareeha grew older. Ana remained in active duty well into her fifties.

Ana was familiar with a fellow Overwatch agent, Gérard Lacroix, and in turn his wife, Amélie. Amélie was kidnapped by Talon but believed to be brought back relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, Ana did not discover the truth until it was too late.

Ana’s last mission for Overwatch was an anti-Talon operation to rescue several scientists that Talon had taken hostage. While they were successful in rescuing the scientists, a Talon sharpshooter known as Widowmaker killed several Overwatch agents. This led to a sniper duel between her and Ana. Ana shot Widowmaker’s helmet, revealing her to be the missing (believed to have been kidnapped again) Amélie Lacroix. With Ana in shock, Widowmaker had a chance to take her own shot. She did, and shot through the scope of Ana’s rifle and into her right eye.

It was long believed that the shot had killed Ana; however, Ana survived, and she struggled with the weight of a life lived in combat. She decided to stay out of the world’s conflicts until realizing that she could not allow people to threaten her city and the innocents around her. She wrote a letter to her daughter that explained her absence, disguised herself as a bounty hunter, and began to sabotage several Talon operations in Egypt, where she found out that the “terrorist” Soldier 76 was actually Strike Commander Jack Morrison, and that the Talon operative Reaper was truly Blackwatch Leader Gabriel Reyes.


Overwatch 03.22.2017 -
“Stick to the plan, and if you get into trouble, I’ll bail you out.”

Role: Support

HP: 200

Biotic Rifle

Ana M1
Ana’s rifle shoots darts that can restore health to her allies or deal ongoing damage to her enemies.

Type: Linear Projectile (unscoped), Hitscan (scoped)

Damage: 60

Healing: 75

Projectile Speed: 85.5 meters per second (unscoped)

Duration: 0.9 second effect

Ammo: 10

Sleep Dart

Ana LShift
Ana fires a dart from her sidearm, rendering an enemy unconscious.

Type: Linear Projectile

Damage: 5

Duration: 5.5 seconds, 0.5 seconds (interrupted)

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Biotic Grenade

Ana E
Ana tosses a biotic bomb that deals damage to enemies and heals allies in a small area of effect.

Type: Arcing Projectile

Damage: 60, Blocks healing taken

Healing: 100, +50% healing from other sources

Area of Effect: 4 meters

Duration: 4 seconds

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Ultimate: Nano Boost

ANa Ulti
After Ana hits one of her allies with a combat boost, they deal more damage and take less damage from enemies’ attacks.

Type: Targeted Hitscan

Damage: +50%

Damage Reduction: 50%

Duration: 8 seconds

What’s Wooly’s Opinion?

Overwatch 03.22.2017 -
“Feeling sleepy?”

My Current Playtime with Ana: 10 hours

I am honestly not good with Ana, but I love playing her and having her on my team! She heals the fastest in the game and still does a good bit of damage even after the nerf (if you can hit your shots). Her sleep dart does wonders, as does her biotic grenade.

I also really enjoy being nano boosted as a Mercy. Speaking of, check out a hilarious example of this here!

Tips and Tricks

Overwatch 03.22.2017 -
“I wasn’t cut out for retirement anyways.”

Using Ana

The Sleep Dart Is Your Friend

If you can hit the sleep dart (I am TERRIBLE at it), you can be a huge asset to your team. See a McCree using his ultimate? Go to sleep! Soldier 76 using his attack visor? Bed time! Genji using dragon blade? Pharah’s got rocket barrage? Is there literally anyone ulting and you can hit them? Tell them to take a nap and then your team can either utterly destroy them now or utterly destroy them when they wake up. Just make sure nobody damages them if you don’t want them to!

You can also use the sleep dart to stop charging Reinhardts, flying Mercys, and more, as shown at the end of this Animetic video (RIP Sarah).

Make Sure You’re Nano Boosting Who You Want

As much as I really do love being nano boosted, if we needed it to go to our team’s ulting Genji/Soldier/Reinhardt/etc. to make a play, that’s a lost opportunity. Make sure it’s going to the person you want to hit!

Use The Biotic Grenade Wisely

I’ve seen a lot of players use the grenade to fend off flankers and to hold back an enemy push, but I don’t often see Anas throwing their grenades into enemy Zenyatta ults. Try it! While it doesn’t affect Zenyatta himself, his ultimate will be nullified if you can hit everyone (or even a few people) within his radius!

Fighting Ana

Try To Snipe Her

If you have any sort of sniper, have them try to focus down the Ana; getting close to her is dangerous, especially because of her Biotic Grenade. She can sleep a sniper, but Widowmaker or Hanzo can kill her in one shot; she needs four to kill a 200 HP hero now that her damage has been nerfed. If you absolutely have to get close to her…

Bait Out The Grenade/Sleep Dart, Then Take Her Out

Try to bait out Ana’s biotic grenade and/or her sleep dart. Give her the jukes! When I play Mercy I prefer to be as far away from Anas as possible, since she can stop my self-heal; however, if I find myself near enemy Ana players, I attempt to bait out the grenade by running in one direction and then jumping and using angelic descent to get them to throw the grenade or the sleep dart in the direction I had been running. It doesn’t always work, though, especially if you’re in really close quarters.

If I can’t juke out the grenade and the Ana uses it, I either try to get an ally to help me or pull out the pistol, start moving around them, and attempt to get headshots. She’s got extra health on you at that point, and you can’t self-heal, so be careful!

Amari, out!

By Sciamano240 on DeviantArt. Find the piece here.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment below to let me know what you liked (or what you didn’t)!

I’m going to start doing some Mercy tutorials next week, probably on non-patch Tuesdays or Saturdays. I haven’t decided yet! Let me know if you think one option is better than the other, or if you think I should do some other kind of post! I’m always open to suggestions!

~ Wooly


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