Maining Mercy, Part One: Using Guardian Angel

Hey guys!

Welcome back to Wooly Plays! This week I’m introducing a new series called “Maining Mercy” that aims to give tips and tricks to Mercy players of any experience level!

In this week’s Maining Mercy post, I’m going to talk a little bit about the way that I use Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability. Note that this isn’t a full-on guide that says “Do it this way or you’ll lose!!” I know that everyone has their own play style and everyone does things differently. This is just the way that I play Overwatch as a Mercy main with almost 500 hours. I’ve had a lot of experiences, and hopefully my tips can help you!

My Controls:

Overwatch 04.17.2017 -
I haven’t played with any of the sensitivities yet. Let me know if you think something works better than the default and I’ll try it out!

Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target: On

Yep, I prefer having my Guardian Angel preferring my beam target. That way, I can fly back to someone without having to look at them! I know a lot of people prefer to have this switched off, but it’s saved my life more times than I can count. It also helps to juke enemy players, which is almost always fun (and almost always dangerous). I’ll talk more about that later.

Toggle Guardian Angel: Off

I used to have Toggle Guardian Angel turned on; however, after watching a video by Animetic (which you can find here), I decided to turn it off. Holding Left Shift down to activate it and then simply releasing it once you are in relative safety feels infinitely better to me than having to press it twice, especially if there’s not a ton of time for you to press it to activate it!

Where to Stop your Flight

Whether or not you have your Toggle Guardian Angel option on or off, it’s important to know where to stop!

Keeping Space Between You and Your Allies

MM.GA - Keeping Space

I like to stop close enough to a teammate that my beam will reach them while still being far enough away to avoid almost any kind of crowd control ability or ultimate (particularly Reinhardt’s or Zarya’s).

Stopping Behind Cover

MM.GA - Stopping

I also prefer to stop behind some kind of cover, whether it be a wall or shield! Note: if you have Toggle Guardian Angel on, make sure you stop it before you pass cover. I can’t tell you how many times I died before I knew that I could stop myself from flying past my Reinhardt’s shield and into enemy fire!

Using GA for Positioning

I wrote a post a while ago for OVA:done (which you can find here) that talked a little bit about the importance of positioning for Mercy players. Guardian Angel is here to help with that! Using your teammates to position yourself is a critical skill for Mercy players to have. There are a ton of great videos to watch on this subject, like Animetic’s Movement and Positioning video (which drastically changed my Mercy play style). Blinky (top 500 Mercy player) has a lot of great videos on his channel, as well! You can check his videos out here.

Moving Around the Map Quickly

MM.GA - Moving Quickly

I often use Guardian Angel to get from place to place quickly; it has a range of 30 meters, so you can get pretty far if you use it wisely!

Taking the High Ground

MM.GA - High Ground

I also like to fly to heroes that will put me on higher ground (Widowmaker and Hanzo are great for this) or make me more mobile (Pharah is the go-to, but Winston and D.Va are good choices for this, as well).

[Note: I generally don’t “pocket” Pharah because it makes me a big target more often than not. Even though I could get away relatively quickly, it’s easy to be picked off if you’re not cautious.]

Becoming Evasive

MM.GA - Evasiveness

Flying quickly around the map will also make you more evasive, which makes it harder for a lot of enemies (like Genji or Winston) to kill you! This requires good positioning on your team’s part, though, so be careful!

This tip brings me directly to my next point…

Using GA for Baiting/Juking the Enemy

The verb to juke means “to make a move intended to deceive an opponent” (, and Guardian Angel makes Mercy the queen of the jukes in my opinion! (Although honestly I think of Mercy as the queen of everything. I might be a little biased.)

Giving an enemy the jukes can often be dangerous, but is incredibly useful for avoiding heroes like Genji, Winston, Roadhog, and many others! I attempt to get the enemy where I want them, bait out whatever I’m trying to bait, and then fly to an ally who’s far enough that I won’t be in danger any longer.

If you have a hero like Tracer coming after you, you can use this multiple times to basically slingshot yourself from one side to another until she can’t get to you anymore. Plus it’s really, really fun! Just be careful; you are vulnerable when you’re flying! A good Soldier/Widow/Hanzo/McCree/Roadhog/etc. can take you out quickly if you aren’t aware of your surroundings.

Here are a few examples of the ways I try to bait/juke enemies:

Baiting Damage from the Enemy Team

MM.GA - Baiting Enemy Damage

By flying above the enemies on the point, I can make myself more of a target and take some concentration off of my team so that we can kill them faster.

Baiting Genji Ult and/or Dash

MM.GA - Baiting Genji Dashes

In this clip, the Genji burns his dash trying to kill me in the health kit room. I knew he couldn’t get to me if I flew away unless he ulted, so I used GA to escape and baited out the ult as well as his second dash.

Unfortunately for him I was too far away for it to be useful, and he had to get through my entire team to try and kill me, making it easy to finish him off.

Giving an Ulting Genji the Jukes


Like the clip before, I know that the enemy Genji has used his dash, so I start to back off hoping to make him think that he can corner me. It works! I bait out his ult and the second dash, then slingshot myself back and forth using D.Va’s flight so that he can’t get more than one sword swing in.

Animetic’s videos have a lot of great juking and baiting tactics, including her most recent video, which you can find here.

That’s all for Part One!

Overwatch 04.19.2017 -

I hope you guys enjoyed the first installment of Maining Mercy! Please let me know if you’d like to read more stuff like this; I’m definitely going to be making more, so give me suggestions and ask as many questions as you like! I’m here to help!

~ Wooly


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