Maining Mercy, Part Two: Using Angelic Descent

Hello! Hello there! Greetings!

And welcome back to Wooly Plays for another installment of Maining Mercy! This post is probably going to be a bit shorter, so I’m sorry in advance! If you feel as though I’ve missed something, feel free to let me know and I’ll go into more detail in the next post.

Please note that this isn’t some kind of “professional Mercy guide” that says “Do it this way or you’ll lose!!” I don’t claim to be an expert, and I know that everyone has their own play style. This is just the way that I play Overwatch as a Mercy main with more than 500 hours. I’ve had a lot of experiences, and hopefully my tips can help you!

My Controls:

Overwatch 04.17.2017 -

What Is Angelic Descent?

Angelic Descent is Mercy’s passive ability that allows her to float, as a friend recently described it, “like a petal falling off a rose” by holding down the jump button or key. With a name like Angelic Descent it definitely does sound passive, but this ability can do a lot for you!

You can use Angelic Descent for…


As with any movement ability, you can use Mercy’s Angelic Descent to change your position and to get to places that you normally wouldn’t be able to. Get creative!

AD Positioning
Here, I use Pharah to get into a position and then use Angelic Descent to glide around the tower and get into cover.

Changing Your Trajectory

AD Trajectory
In this example I use Angelic Descent to stop following the Pharah and glide down the side of the building as well as to gain line of sight to the Reinhardt beneath the bridge while staying on it.

I often use Angelic Descent to change my trajectory, whether that’s during jumping or as I’m floating to the ground. Doing this makes you less predicable and harder to hit, especially for hitscan characters!

Juking the Enemy

Just like in my last Maining Mercy post, you can use Angelic Descent to give the enemy the jukes! Just check out this video from Animetic, who uses her Angelic Descent ability in conjunction with Guardian Angel to lead an enemy Genji to his untimely death.

Rest in pieces, Gengoo. Rest in pieces.

Saving Your Life

AD Save Yourself
Here I strategically jump off of the ledge to keep myself safe, and use Angelic Descent to keep line of sight on my team so that I can fly back when the threat is gone.

You can use Guardian Angel to save your own life! If you fall off (or strategically jump, like the above clip) of a ledge, you can a) hold your jump button or key and pray to Jeff Kaplan that someone sees you, b) spam your “Group up!” button or key, or c) make a code word or phrase for your group to remember so that they look around for your “Group up!” indicator.

My group’s code phrase is me crying “MAN OVERBOARD!” I used this trick yesterday but unfortunately I wasn’t recording.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Overwatch 05.02.2017 -

That’s all for Part Two of Maining Mercy! Let me know what you think, and feel free to give me suggestions for the next post in the series!

~ Wooly


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