Brigitte, Sombra, and… Elon Musk?!


Welcome back to Wooly Plays! I am super excited to make this post! It’s gonna be a quick one, but full of information!

She Will Be Our Shield

Overwatch Screenshot 2018.03.06 -
An angel with a shield instead of wings.

Brigitte Lindholm, the newest Overwatch hero landing at number 27, will be added into live servers on Tuesday, March 20th, 2017! She won’t be available for competitive play until Season 10, so make sure you practice your boops with her as much as possible before next season appears!

Sombra Nerf

Overwatch Screenshot 2018.03.16 -

That’s right; one of the most recently buffed heroes is now receiving a nerf thanks to many comments and complaints about the buff to her Hack ability.

Geoff Goodman replied to a post on the Overwatch forums recently stating that two new changes would be made to Sombra’s Hack:

Sombra Changes

To be honest I think that this is a fair change. I don’t think Sombra is dead, and I don’t think that Sombra is useless. She’ll be okay, I promise!

Elon Musk plays Overwatch?

I thought it was ridiculous too, but apparently Tim the Tat Man reached out to Mr. Musk on Twitter. Elon actually replied, saying that he finds Overwatch “soothing.” For a man who’s doing what Mr. Musk is doing, it’s not at all surprising that a competitive game like Overwatch would be soothing.

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you think about Brigitte and the Sombra changes, or who you think Elon Musk likes to play!

~ Wooly


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